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Live with out limits   

Work 1-2-1 with Roo

1 to 1 session £175 pa
1 to 1 UAP session £195
Custom packages £1,500 to £6,000pm
30 min consultation for free 



Meet Roo

Certified Master Therapist & Expert in Consciousness Science

Roo (aka Richard Osterfield) is a Master Therapist, He has been honing his skills since 2004 over which time he has gained advance accreditations in a total of 7 forms of therapy and developed his modality through thousands of hours, working with clients.

Richard started his journey in 2004 working with ex-military suffering from extreme PTSD and victims of sexual abuse. The next 5 years saw Richard become a leader in this field and a pioneer of 'content-free therapy', still considered to be cutting edge in trauma therapy. Being one of a few therapists able to help clients fully release severe trauma he was one of the first to realise that for many people, ending their nightmare is the only dream they have. 

To help his clients Richard turned his attention to success, the "elite 1%" in any field. He also started to "model" elite therapists, not the ones with the most prestigious credentials, the ones that were getting results that no one else could. This was Richard's route into Energy Based Psychology and other energy-based modalities. Richard is the founder of the Elite Successes Clinic and continues to refine and develop his modality; Psycho-Energetic Coding, which will be rolled out later in 2020.

Richard's client list includes, but is not limited to, top financial executives, world champion sportspeople, therapists, healers, ex-military special forces and the occasional celebrity


Some of the most common things  asked

Corporate elite and entrepreneurship   

Artist development the performing arts 

Core financial
blocks and   expansion  

Epigenetics, and medical issues   

your spiritual 

The journey towards passion, purpose  and unlimited abundance is a path of self love. Begin your journey today!


So interesting.... the past two weeks after that session I’ve manifested a guy who really wants to be my boyfriend, who seems to adore me, and a consistent flow of other decent guys who are  asking me out and they fit with my needs/ time restraints ...... so now, can we “convert” or “multiply” that energy into a significant flow of money! haha 

- Kat  L 

With every session we do it’s like  my vision is upgraded a notch as everything seems so much clearer

- Loretta   M

Working with Richard has been nothing short of transformational, creating a tangible and lasting positive impact across many areas of my life

-Angie B

Hi Richie. `That session was great. Got a job offer and several emails about  opportunities right after our call!:
 I accepted it. Thank you. It was  awesome 


I am so grateful, All worked out at the 11th hour and we got the keys this morning!

When you come to California you are always welcome to stay with us! I appreciate so much all you have done to help me in so many ways. So happy our paths crossed. 

-Brian S


Feels like I’m still processing. Last nights session. I’m still buzzing gently and feeling really light in my body, today, almost like I could float off... different quality of energy. Slept again (8 hours) - I love this!

- Hanna  T


Wow Rich,
Thanks you so much! The session yesterday was life changing on so many levels- still yet to be revealed.

I cant wait for the next week!

- Vicky  M

Something release  last night after our session. I felt a deep ease and a relaxation, I have never experienced before. My anxiety just melted. 

 Exquisite. And I slept. Thank you.

- Beatrice L

Amazing session Rich. I definitely want to continue with you but also I want to pass you on to others because you’re incredible

- Marek J

Working with you Richard has been nothing short of transformational, creating a tangible and lasting positive impact across many areas of my life

- Alex

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