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Meet Roo

Elite Success Consultant  & Consciousness Expert

Roo's training 

Dual Certified Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP (specialising in psycho-linguistics) 
Advanced EFT & EFT matrix (level 4) 
Meta- Medicine (Psycho-Biology, and Epigenetics)
Advanced Theta Healing, DNA3 & Intuitive Anatomy 
Access Bars.
VortexhealingTM Advanced (core veil, Inner veil, Universal veil and original veil) 


Other Modalities and areas of study 

PEP- Psychoanalytical Energy Psychotherapy
Timeline therapy 
Ericksonian hypnotherapy
Esoteric hypnotherapy 
Pre-life birth plans 
Past life regression 
Quantum jumping 
Gestalt therapy
Psycho-analytical counseling
Advanced RCA (Root Cause Analysis)


Roo's work is an evolution  of the pioneering research of Dr. Maxwell Maltz who discovered the 'Success Mechanism.' Dr. Maltz's influential work is the foundation for the greatest names in personal development, figures such as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracey, Zig Ziglar, and T. Harv Eker.

Richard extends and refines these concepts, focusing on the profound relationship between Core Identity templates and life outcomes.

Richard realised the from a spiritual perspective the Success Mechanism hold belief systems and conditional but also contains essential energetic information for manifesting future paths, spiritual growth and karmic challenges

For those on a spiritual path, it is this that acts as an interface between the challenges of life and  all that er need to heal and release for our spiritual awakening. Even spiritual gifts, somadi experiences and  our connection ti divinity its self is encompassed in the core identity template.

Roo’s process involves identifying the relevant blocks and beliefs systems an then helping the system to evolve past them using techniques from the modalities that he has trining it of but developing a process the is specific tot he situation and individual person that he is working with in the moment 

Through this comprehensive approach, Roo empowers individuals to overcome obstacles, align with envisioned futures, and undergo profound personal and spiritual evolution."

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