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Meet Roo

Elite Success Consultant  & Consciousness Expert

Roo's training 

Dual Certified Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP (specialising in psycho-linguistics) 
Advanced EFT & EFT matrix (level 4) 
Meta- Medicine (Psycho-Biology, and Epigenetics)
Advanced Theta Healing, DNA3 & Intuitive Anatomy 
Access Bars.
VortexhealingTM Advanced (core veil, Inner veil, Universal veil and original veil) 


Other Modalities and areas of study 

PEP- Psychoanalytical Energy Psychotherapy
Timeline therapy 
Ericksonian hypnotherapy
Esoteric hypnotherapy 
Pre-life birth plans 
Past life regression 
Quantum jumping 
Gestalt therapy
Psycho-analytical counseling
Advanced RCA (Root Cause Analysis)


Roo (Richard Osterfield) is classed as one of the few fully awake healers there are, This means that from a spiritual perspective he has completed his incarnation path. Roo now works mostly to pioneer new methods, techniques and understandings aimed at facilitating the deep emotional freedom required for people to bring their unique gifts and talents to the surface and find their lives true purpose.

Taking the view point that the heart expresses outwards. it is not the love that we wish to receive that is at the core of who we are,  this love only serves to validate that sacrifices that we made to find it. It is the love that we wish to express that forms the core of who we are and our deepest fear that this love is worthless. This core fear hold, with in it, that which separates us from our gifts, talents, our insecurity, relationships blocks, emotional blocks our financial struggles and even our core relationship with that which we call Source, God or Divinity. 

Richard extends and refines these concepts, focusing on the profound relationship between Core Identity templates, the law of attraction and life outcomes that we experience.

Roo’s process involves identifying the relevant blocks and beliefs systems and then helping your system to evolve past them using techniques from the many modalities, customised to you, your personal mindset and situation and that you are dealing with. 

Through this comprehensive approach, Roo empowers individuals to overcome obstacles, align with envisioned futures, and undergo profound personal, financial and spiritual evolution."

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