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Meet Richard

Elite Success Consultant  & Consciousness Expert

Richard Osterfield

Dual Certified Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP (specialising in psycho-linguistics) 
Advanced EFT & EFT matrix (level 4) 
Meta- Medicine (Psycho-Biology, and Epigenetics)
Advanced Theta Healing, DNA3 & Intuitive Anatomy 
Access Bars.
Vortex Advanced (core veil) 

Other Modalities and areas of study 

PEP- Psychoanalytical Energy Psychotherapy
Timeline therapy 
Ericksonian hypnotherapy
Esoteric hypnotherapy 
Pre-life birth plans 
Past life regression 
Quantum jumping 
Gestalt therapy
Psycho-analytical counseling
Advanced RCA (Root Cause Analysis)

​Richard's own modality Psycho-Energetic Coding is an evolution of the work of Dr. Maxwell Maltz and his discovery of the 'Success Mechanism'. Dr. Maltz's work, published in 1960 under the title Psycho-Cybernetics, forms the core of the work of people such as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracey, Zig Ziglar and T. Harv Eker.
Maxwell Maltz discovered that the brain has a mechanism he named the' Success Mechanism" which actualises anything on our Core Identity template. 

Richard looked at this in relation to the law of attraction and realised that the Core Identity template must also hold the energetic information related to manifesting. 
Psycho-Energetic Coding, derived from the exploration of the emotional and energetic information held in the Core Identity, comes from a kind of energetic or soul-cybernetics viewpoint. 
Richard found that, energetically, this "template" is responsible for limiting us as well as supporting us.
The P.E.C modality is about tracking these limitations back to their "source code" and upgrading the information to release the blocks at any level whether cognitive, emotional, incarnational, spiritual or ancestral. 

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